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Healthy Foods that Pregnant Women Should Eat

It’s very crucial to keep a healthy diet when pregnant. When pregnant the body requires more nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. You also need more calories every day. If you eat a portion of food that doesn’t contain enough nutrients, it will affect the development of your baby.
More so, with excess weight gain and bad eating habits will as well lead to pregnancy complication and gestational diabetes. Just eat a healthy diet, and your baby will be safe and healthy. Here are some healthy foods that you need.


bananasBananas contain potassium and also provide you with quick energy that helps to fight pregnancy fatigue. Bananas are also comfortable to your belly if you are nauseated. Just slice your bananas and mix in your cereals or you can make a smoothie with a splash of orange juice, berries, yogurt, and ice.


Most pregnant women tend to have cravings for meat. You should know that eating eggs in a perfect alternative source of protein because it has essential amino acids that you and the baby needs. You will have a lovely dish for yourself like making an omelet with chopped vegetables and some cheese but if when cooking you are affected by the aroma you choose boiled eggs. Consume the boiled eggs as a whole, or you can even mix in your vegetable salads.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are sweet, easy to carry snack that can help with your craving for cute things. Buy dried fruits like cranberries, apricots, and cherries which are also helpful in preventing urinary tract infections. But keep off from dried fruits like bananas because they are made in oil and contain excess fat.

Leafy Greens

cabbage leafy vegetablePrepared leafy green vegetables like spinach contain a lot of iron and foliate, while turnip and kales contain calcium which is suitable for both you and the baby. Add more value of nutrients to your salads by adding proverbial iceberg because of the lettuces that are dark colored.

These deep colors are a sign that they contain a high content of vitamins. Also, you can as well make some green sandwich, mix in pasta dishes or your soups.

Dried Beans and Lentils

When pregnant you require extra protein each day so you should eat lentils and beans because they have a fantastic source in your body. Beans and lentil also contain fiber that assists in preventing constipation. Eating a cup of cooked beans or lentils provides you with the right daily requirement of foliate. You can combine them with salads and rice dishes.